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hello everyone this is Valentin from Chico and in this video Im going to show you how to use and install our employee timesheet management templates to go to our templates you simply go to Abdul Shakoor comm slash templates there we go we are now inside the Chicot web application where you can create your own workflow by create connecting your spreadsheets or Google Docs by on a blank canvas or you can use one of our templates of course we have a big offer here to help you out but today let me show you how employee timesheet Mehta - it works we start with some extra information about this templates how the dashboard looks like how the system is connected so you see the employees folder that automatically consolidates into the master spreadsheets using sheet Co its stored inside your drive and how it looks but let me show you by installing it to our Google Drive by clicking on use templates there we go the system is now installed in your Google Drive you will find under shego templates the employee timesheet management and this is how the system looks like so you have your folder that is consolidated into the master file I will open each one of these and show you how it looks so as you can see we are now inside my Google Drive where Chico has automatically created the system and here we have two spreadsheets filled with some sample data for each employee of course if you have more employees which probably will be decades you simply copy one of these spreadsheets and make sure to store them in the same folder so that the system can keep running and using all of your information so lets open an employee one for example so we are inside the employee 1 spreadsheet and we start by of course renaming the spreadsheet with your own name so let me call this Valentin maybe timesheet there we go we have some initial initial instructions here just a simple text on how to use this template but its very easy you simply go to the timesheet tab and here in the whites area you can fill by day each day you fill out when you got in at work when you start at lunch when you end at your lunch and the time you got out and the template will then automatically calculate the hours worked right here that each employee also has its own dashboards so you can see the total hours worked per day the arrive time of each day and how long youve taken your lunches so its a simple overview of your timesheet once every employee fills this out of course you can update your connection by clicking on run workflow so for example every day you want to check when your employees got in how long theyve worked how long theyve took their breaks you simply click on run workflow and then the system will automatically bring all of the information in your master spreadsheet here we are so you see here it will consolidate all the timesheet reports of your here we are my timesheet is here as well and the employee number two and you also have a dashboard where you will find the hours worth per...